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Bone Faced Dragon -playing with textures (updated) by ForeverEryn Bone Faced Dragon -playing with textures (updated) :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 0 0 Snow Leopard Digital by ForeverEryn Snow Leopard Digital :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 5 0 Dragon in Wasteland - Finished - Eventual Print by ForeverEryn Dragon in Wasteland - Finished - Eventual Print :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 3 0 Kelsey Commission - Dog - Example by ForeverEryn Kelsey Commission - Dog - Example :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0 Bird - Rendition sketch of poster - Not for sale by ForeverEryn Bird - Rendition sketch of poster - Not for sale :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 3 0 Dragon in Wasteland (unfinished - eventual print) by ForeverEryn Dragon in Wasteland (unfinished - eventual print) :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0 RDC colored by ForeverEryn RDC colored :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 4 2 Volcanic Lantern Upper Left by ForeverEryn Volcanic Lantern Upper Left :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0 Volcanic Lantern Upper Right by ForeverEryn Volcanic Lantern Upper Right :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0 Volcanic Lantern Bottom by ForeverEryn Volcanic Lantern Bottom :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0
Never said goodbye...
Never said goodbye...
Sitting at the computer
Fighting to find what words to type
Emotions crowding each other
Each wanting their due time
On the blank sheet in front of me
I feel like crying
At the loss that I have suffered
But know that tears solve nothing
For in the end
He'll still be gone
No longer at my side
No more arguments in the morning
When I wake him from his sleep
Or wagging tail in the afternoon
When I come home from school
To take him for a run
Even if there's no sun
No more wrestling with him
When I want to go to bed
Or curling around him protectively
During the thunderstorms of summer
That always frightened him
Except when he was with me
No more will he be
A protective layer by my side
A friend whose ear was always offered
Even when I cried
He was always there for me
Yet I wasn't there for him
In the last moments of his life
I wasn't by his side
Never really said goodbye.
:iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 1
Oh, didn't see you there! by ForeverEryn Oh, didn't see you there! :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 2 1 Tsilara - stalking you by ForeverEryn Tsilara - stalking you :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 2 0 Watch It by ForeverEryn Watch It :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 3 0
Falling through Hell
Falling through Hell
I am falling through hell
Here we go again
I’m chilled to the bone
In a world of eighteen thousand degrees
I am falling away
One last look at that darkening sky
Wish I could have said goodbye
Yet I still wonder why
What made the floor drop beneath me
Sending me further and further away
From where I was meant to stay
In the arms of those I loved
And amongst those who cared
About whether I lived or died
Did no one wonder why?
So here I am, alone
Falling through the depths of hell
Will I see them again?
It is dark once more
The fire is finally gone
But what is left in its place is worse
Since it was all I had
And now I am here alone
Just me, myself, and I
No longer with the sky
A few tears caress my face
But I brush them all away
What use do tears have for me
When I am falling through hell?
A light opens from above
Offering warmth that comforts and consoles
I am no longer falling through hell
Hell is now falling through me
I leave it carrying with me a th
:iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 2 0
Volcanic Lantern by ForeverEryn Volcanic Lantern :iconforevereryn:ForeverEryn 1 0


Tea Seller by telthona Tea Seller :icontelthona:telthona 443 20 8/365 - parrot by h1fey 8/365 - parrot :iconh1fey:h1fey 124 4 Herrerasaurus Sketches [Aphelion] by Soulsplosion Herrerasaurus Sketches [Aphelion] :iconsoulsplosion:Soulsplosion 42 27 Jurassic World Hybrids: Gorgosuchus by AcroSauroTaurus Jurassic World Hybrids: Gorgosuchus :iconacrosaurotaurus:AcroSauroTaurus 31 7 [FR COM] Aarnivalkea by Sinnabelle [FR COM] Aarnivalkea :iconsinnabelle:Sinnabelle 24 13 Solar Butterflies by DragonRider02 Solar Butterflies :icondragonrider02:DragonRider02 39 8 Three Red-Tails by windfalcon Three Red-Tails :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 273 11 .: Dreamscape :. by WhiteSpiritWolf .: Dreamscape :. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,465 48 Sygit by Ragous Sygit :iconragous:Ragous 229 11 Dragon by FanasY Dragon :iconfanasy:FanasY 432 61 Chibis Starlit Path Compilation by sordid-dessert Chibis Starlit Path Compilation :iconsordid-dessert:sordid-dessert 252 28 On that day humanity received a grim reminder by LadyGT On that day humanity received a grim reminder :iconladygt:LadyGT 33,220 2,772
pull back the excepts
of those cheeks
because darling
you're glory
to me
bare teeth
or line deep
you glow fast
and flash galaxian
one star
for each scar
you keep
one planet
for each kiss
planted sweet
and when your extend your arms
i tremble
at how vast
and how beautiful
and how unknown
you are to me
but when you make contact
all the heavens
make sense
and all systems
made tense
find relief
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 4
to gaia
have you forgotten me?
lost the lust of my green hands
and youth-poisoned heart?
mourned the passage of bitter years
and unnatural art
and been witness
to restructured arches?
surely you often regret
that we were once as warm
as lovers' fresh discovered bed.
as suffered flesh does uncover death
i find the harm
in a simple existence fled.
i wed myself to a fluxing spark
that drew bark from my veins
and let sap dry
with quiet age.
lost the trust of your green lands
and root-moistened heart.
i have forgotten you.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 4
Red 3 - Character Concept - Version 2 by Wildweasel339 Red 3 - Character Concept - Version 2 :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 1,819 58 Parkour Poses by THEAltimate Parkour Poses :iconthealtimate:THEAltimate 260 8


First and foremost, I apologize for my extended hiatus to those who still follow me, and I welcome those who are new to my feed. 

My name is Megan, although I also go by Eryn, Lokiva, Phoenix, etc. 

I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, and severe muscular problems for the past few years which has led to art and writer's block, both of which I am attempting to smash to pieces this year with actually offering commissions. 

That brings me to Scotland, the other point in the title. 
I have the opportunity to study abroad (intern) in Scotland and have also decided to remain abroad for an additional period of time in order to explore Ireland, England, and Wales while I have the chance. I have the means to go through with the program, but I need help funding the extended stay.

Please keep an eye out on my feed for new examples as I plan on posting images regularly as I complete new drawings.

Commission information:
-I will only do commissions for cash through paypal or in person (if you are one of the lucky individuals who knows me in person). 
-I reserve the right to turn down a commission at any time in the process
-I am selling individual sketches, which would be shipped, and digital creations, which would be pmed or emailed.
-Any questions should be directed through pm on this website or on Facebook if you know me in person.

Commission pricing:
-Pay as you feel (minimum between $5 and $20 depending on detail)

*I'm catering mostly to college students so I'm trying to keep my prices affordable for most, but 5-10+ hrs go into each piece. Depending on the amount of detail you're looking for, I reserve the right to raise the minimum to at least $20.
*I'm a 4th year college student attempting to expand my horizons overseas with minimal loans.

Current commissions:

Current side projects: 
1. Frog x Lynx x Dragon digital creation - the outcome may go up for sale
2. Vulture x Tortoise x Dragon digital creation - the outcome may go up for sale
3. Cat Eye + fur studies x2 (digital) - study attempts - not for sale
4. Chibi attempts (traditional) - finished Kirara (Inuyasha) - this is really just for fun and as a style learning side project - characters I'm drawing are copywritten - not for sale
5. Bone-faced Dragon digital creation - the outcome may go up for sale
6. Coal-fire Dragon digital creation - the outcome may go up for sale

Finished commissions:
1. Snow leopard/Red panda cuddling for gift ($50)
*Spent about 10hrs on it
2. Quick Bear/Bat/Fox/Swan/Dolphin drawing for friend group gift
*This was a gift I made for myself and friends, it was rushed, probably would have been a $5-$15 piece as the detailing was rough. Spent less than 5hrs on it.
3. Dog for Kelsey ($20)
*Spent about 5-8hrs on it
4. Owl for Jessica ($30)
*Spent about 5-8hrs on it

Finished projects: 
1. Dinosaur dragon + wasteland scenery for print sales (working on print settings)
*Spent 10+ hours on it

Commission Options:

Digital Commission materials:
-MediBang Paint Pro
-Wacom Tablet
*You will receive a digital copy of the piece in either .png, .jpg - I do not give out the .mdp or .psd files 

-Digital Creation
*$5-$20 minimum based on detail/shading/difficulty/subject, you choose the size of canvas you want me to use (as big or small as you want, the larger you go the more I will most likely charge).
*I am willing to draw most animals, in dynamic or static poses for either character profiles or for fun pictures, shading or no shading, pixel lined/alias lined/no lining, character profile sheets (color palettes, accessories, details, etc.), etc. Whatever you can think up and describe to me we could probably work something out.

Traditional Commission materials:
-Graphite pencils
-8x8 sketch paper (75# 112[g/m(squared)])
-iPhone photos
-Mailing envelopes (sketch will not be folded!!!)
*You will receive the original copy of the sketch, I will reserve the rights to keep watermarked photos for my own use not for resale. You may choose to tell me not to post a photo until a specified date if you are commissioning for another person as a gift.

*Prints will be based on drawings I made primarily for fun and have offered as prints. I will keep the original and am working towards opening an etsy shop for distribution of these.
The goal is that these will be cheaper and more available than commissions in order to provide my art to those who want it while still being affordable to college students.

-Line sketches (one option or the other)
*One lineart sketch provided via scan and emailed. These will be $2-$20 based on detail/size and based on use agreement. If you plan on editing/reselling a finished version (color/inner detail), I will charge more/percentage cut of profits, if you plan on using for individual use (no resale even of a finished version), I will charge less.
*One lineart sketch provided via digital means (.png, .jpg) lineart created in MediBang

-Sketch pages (one option or the other)
*One 8x8 sketch page provided via scan and emailed. These will be 3+ sketches per page (dependent on size/detail of sketches requested) and will be $5-$50 based on detail/amount of sketches. Again if you plan on editing/reselling a finished version, I will charge more/percentage cut of profits, if you plan on using for individual use (no resale even of a finished version), I will charge less.
*One digital 8inx8in canvas provided via digital means (.png, .jpg). You still will have 3+ sketches per page (dependent on size/detail of sketches requested) and will still be $5-$50 based on the detail/amount of sketches. Again if you plan on editing/reselling a finished version, I will charge more/percentage cut of profits, if you plan on using for individual use (no resale even of a finished version), I will charge less.

*Not currently available

If you have any questions or wish to commission me, feel free to post them in the comments below or pm me.

If you do choose to commission me and are pleased with the outcome, I would love it if you directed friends/followers to me so that I can really help fund my trip abroad.

Thank you,
-Megan (Eryn, Phoenix, Lokiva, etc.)


Bone Faced Dragon -playing with textures (updated)
So this is just something I've been playing with for a few days or so, messing around with brushes from the program and that I've found across dA. As you may be able to tell I had a lot of fun with bubbles and the sparkle brushes...

This project is complete even though the bone faced dragon itself isn't... I've got a bit more playing around to do before I actually do a complete piece of it.

Updated: Forgot to add my signature, whoops!

-Wacom Tablet
-Bubble, Grunge, Slim, and Scale brushes from soulsplosion
-Fairy Sparkle Brush from omegawolfdoge
Snow Leopard Digital
Hello again! So I've finally managed to get an art program to work on my computer again, and this is the initial result!

This piece was done on two layers, with the first layer having been done back in 2013 (including the finished eye and base color/shading) and the second layer being done in March 2017 (a few days ago at posting) with additional shading and detailing to everything except for the eye.

I completed this piece as a Digital Birthday Card for my little sister, and the actual piece is about 1000x1600 pixels wide or 8.4x13.2cm, I decreased the size for online posting.

Materials: Photoshop (2013 layer), MediBang Paint Pro (2017 layer), Wacom Tablet
Time: 1-2hrs (2013 layer), 2hrs (2017 layer)

I had a lot of fun with this piece and plan on posting more as I finish them. I am offering commissions at this time, same information as my other pieces. I probably would have priced this original piece at $10-20, but my minimum currently stands at $5 as always.

If you wish to commission me, please pm me for more information.
Dragon in Wasteland - Finished - Eventual Print
Finished sketch of previous upload.
Will eventually have prints of this available on Etsy once I have a few more pieces finished. I will be collaborating with a local printing company to provide high definition prints.

Scenery is meant to be hazy/smokey
There is a girl atop the dragon's shoulders
Dragon is partially armored - note face, neck, belly, portions of legs
Remainder of dragon's skin is thickened, giving appearance of secondary armor

There are magma pits/geysers on the ground, a den-like opening poking out of the haze in the background, and a single, cracked rock on the ground behind the giant dragon.

Girl on top of dragon gives reference of size of dragon. Dragon is approximately 10-15x the height of a 5'4" human. About 60-80ft tall. Random fact that I enjoyed figuring out in the process of completing this piece.

Original prompts:
-Dinosaur-like dragon
-On the shoulders of giants

-Graphite pencils from 6H to 7B
-75# sketch paper
-10+ hours of time
Kelsey Commission - Dog - Example
This is an example of a commission I did for someone I know. 

Commissioner provided 5x reference pictures and guideline of with a toy (santa toy or tennis ball).
Price is being negotiated with a minimum of $5, will officially meet in mid-January for finalization of commission.

-Graphite pencils ranging from 7B to 9H
-75# sketchbook paper
-5-7 hours time


ForeverEryn's Profile Picture
Megan Larson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am now 21 years old attempting to finish up my college degree while also preparing for an internship abroad which shall hopefully spark and expand my literary and artistic talents.

Anyways, about me... I'm a novelist, a poet, a painter, a drawer, a designer, a maker of clay structures and surface designs, an all-around writer... you get the picture, I do a lot of different types of art.

But all of my art shares one specific point, and that is that all of my art serves to tell a story. The story might be in the pose of the animal, the position of the leaves, the color choices, the word choices, etc. but everything I make has a story to tell.

I've had two accounts on here before. The first I made at the age of twelve, the second at the age of fifteen. I, however, have grown from the person I was at both of those ages, and have branched out into different art forms. So I created a new account to show off what I can do now, instead of worrying about what I used to be able to do.

I have abandoned this account for a few years, however I am attempting to bring it back in order to help kickstart my internship abroad so that I can stay overseas as long as possible. I am not relying on my art to make it over there, I am just using it as stress relief and to add to my buffer so that I can enjoy the trip more.


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